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We are organized into technological ecosystems that are at the heart of companies' strategic initiatives.


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Selling more and better is based on data, not guesswork. This way we help companies to conclude more deals in less time and with greater profit.

E-commerce is already a reality and is constantly evolving. Companies want to expand their business in the digital world, selling more and with more control over the entire process.

Control and automate interactions with potential customers at every acquisition stage.

Save time and resources, build a relationship and serve efficiently.

This solution allows companies to extend the collaboration of more people in the relationship area without making the process expensive – which, in most cases, makes impossible the integration of all areas that contribute to business growth.

Business analytics and intelligence solutions discover trends, predict results and act directly on marketing, sales and operations in general, through integrations.

AI can save users and employees time to dedicate effort and intelligence to customer success and constant improvement of productivity indicators.

Control your field services effectively through a complete view of the customer, cases and assets, as well as access to all the information needed to help the customer anytime, anywhere and through any device.

Applications are the most suitable solution to provide control and visibility over company-specific data.
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Collaboration Models

Strategic Outsourcing

We provide the right resource and for the time needed.


- Organic growth of the structure, with optimized management of FTEs and tailored resource allocation

- Quick mobilization of consultants from around the world, with reduced mobilization and training costs

- Flexibility in the business model facilitating the change in resource dynamics

- Focus on corporate business using specialized consultancy for technical management

Consulting As A Service

It's not always easy to get the best resources for a customer's needs, so this approach has several advantages:

- High scalability and adaptability to respond to ever-changing internal and external needs

- Diversity in specialization and seniority of resources to respond to different functions

- Flexibility in the composition and allocation of teams: the best resources for the time needed

- Ease of responding to complex scenarios: multi languages, multi geography and follow the sun

Projects E2E

Integrated management for the planning and realization of specific products.


- Focus on essential product deliverables that can be more clearly defined

- Joint management of specialized projects, with risk sharing in closed project situations

- Openness to the use of agile methodologies with continuous evolution, in cycles, for projects with a more dynamic scope

- Possibility of integrating our outsourcing and consulting services, either during or after the project


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