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Who we are

Sowin was born as a result of a set of initiatives and experiences aligned with the changing world. We offer a portfolio of solutions focused on CRM and ERP ecosystems in tune with technological transformation and the organic and sustainable growth of each company.

We want to be recognized for contributing to a better world through the balance between technological evolution, companies, people and society and we aim to bring together technology enthusiast around the world who want to do the same.

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“IT by vocation, ESG by ideal”, this is the SOWIN philosophy. For us, as important as growing, contributing to economic development and stimulating the technological ecosystems in which we operate, is looking at the world around us and realizing what we can offer best at an environmental, social and corporate level.


100% of the material used in our office meets the sustainability criteria.


The main problems of society and the world are also ours, so we support causes and serious associations with real impacts on people's lives.


Ethics, seriousness and respect are our governance pillars.

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